Happy Valentine's Day to Me!

I've been reflecting a lot lately about how I am the least kind to myself out of all people I know. It's hard for me to accept compliments even though I shower people with compliments all. the. time. WHY do I do this to myself??

It's tough being a self-critical person. I wish I could view myself the way others view me. I wish I talked to myself the same way I talk to others!

This Valentine's Day - I'm going to focus on being kind to myself. So, here's a Valentine's Day card to me:

Dearest Jani,

I really admire the drive you have. I've never met someone who has a thought and within a week have acted upon it. You are a go-getter and a change-maker. You are a creator. You're also funny. I laugh at all of your jokes. I also think it's really sweet how you spoil your son. You are very wonderful dog mom. Even though 2020 was a really weird year, I am in awe that you still managed to rock that promotion at work, start a podcast, give a TEDx talk, kick-off your entrepreneurship career, write a few more pages in your book, and worked on yourself mentally. You are currently the best version of yourself ever. I look forward to seeing you grow even more. Please do me the honor of being my valentine on this very cold and snowy day.

With Love,


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