Bucket list: Author a book

It's happening! 2022 is the year for this item to be checked off my bucket list. I've always loved writing. I used to be that kid that wrote and illustrated short stories in my free time. I submitted stories to writing competitions for most of my childhood to young adult life. I also have a murder mystery that I wrote in 6th grade. In the back cover, I wrote "I want to be an author when I grow up!"

So, 6th grade Jani - this is for you!

I've been toying around with the idea of actually self-publishing a book since 2014. In fact, I have bits and pieces of narratives saved on my google drive, box drive, dropbox drive, icloud....you name it. Usually these musings come to me during my sleep or my yoga classes, and I try to write it down somewhere so it's out of my brain.

WELL, i'm finally putting all of those musings together into a meaningful narrative that hopefully bring value to your life and fulfill my lifelong goal.

Coming soon to a shelf near you in 2022 <3

Title is still a work in progress, but as of now I'm going with:

Un-Lost: A 10-step Guide to Tell Your Story



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