Asking for help

That's a super challenging thing for me to do. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I multi-task my way through life. I can efficiently and effectively work on several projects at one time, whether it's at Regional One Health or through jani rad dot com. What I've also come to discover is that I sometimes choose to stay busy as a form of self-care. When I'm feeling emotionally overwhelmed or anxious about something, I like to have a project to ground myself. It makes me feel centered and reminds me of my purpose.

So handing off elements of my projects to someone else makes me feel:

  • "Am I giving away my self-care?"

  • "Am I not capable of multitasking anymore?"

  • "Why can't I manage this?"

  • "Am I handing over a part of ME?"

I had to let those feelings go. I've learned that in order to excel at all of the 10000s of projects in my head, it's okay to delegate certain elements so that I can continue to focus on the big picture. I'm not handing over a part of ME. I'm handing over tasks so that I can continue to EXPLORE and CELEBRATE my passions.

So, that's what I've done! I officially have someone else on my team specifically to assist me with the social media, marketing, PR, podcast promotion, and getting my name OUT THERE!

I can't say it enough - thank you Cecilia Fay for helping someone that is so averse to receiving help. But, I am ready to take that step with you.



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