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Join me on 'What’s On Your Mind?', as I interview guests about their weekly musings and Wikipedia rabbit holes. Like toxic beauty standards. Or, the impact of redlining. Or, bees. Whatever it is, we process it together. We'll all learn a little something and take another step in creating our own stories - all while adding another laugh line to your face. Through this podcast, I hope to elevate voices of those who do amazing work in their communities and showcase a side of them that might be unknown to others. After all, we are more than our bios and our professional descriptors. We are people with unique life experiences, interesting perspectives, and stories to share with the world. New Episodes every Tuesday.

We are Memphis, and we are proud of our city and its people. Let's showcase our stories to the world! Are you passionate about Memphis? Are you a local business owner? Or a long standing resident of this community or consider yourself a "New Memphian"? Please share you story on this new subseries called "901 on the Mind" of the "What's On Your Mind?" podcast, hosted by Jani Rad (a New Memphian, herself!). These episodes are filmed live and on-site in Downtown Memphis at the Arcade Restaurant (Memphis' oldest Cafe, founded in 1919!) and are produced as Instagram Live IGTV episodes and edited podcast episodes.

The purpose of this show is to provide a window into the variety of unique stories and voices that makeup Memphis. The views and opinions expressed on 901 on The Mind are those of the podcast guests and do not necessarily reflect the official values, perspectives, or positions of Jani Rad (podcast host) or Arcade Restaurant (sponsor). 

Stories of survival, struggle, and everything in between | The Be Fearless You Foundation and “WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND?” bring you a platform where we can all end the stigma around mental health and mental illness together. Conversation is powerful, and together through language and stories - we can Stop the F****** Stigma! As a disclaimer, the stories shared on this platform may include triggering content. Please take care of yourself when listening. We will not be providing advice, therapy, or counseling. That is not the intended purpose of this space. If you are seeking professional advice or need to talk to someone immediately, please connect with a mental health professional or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255 (TALK).

We all have unique stories that make us who we are.

Jani Rad